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Disposable Waterproof Shoe Covers (Pack Of 100)

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This disposable anti-slip shoe covers comes with an uneven and rough surface that can ensure your safety in various situations.And these anti-skid&anti-slip shoe covers will protect your carpet, floors, and cars from dirt, mud, germs.


  • These shoe covers are absolutely protect your shoes from mud and dirty water, keep your carpet or floors cleaning and dry.
  • Made of durable virgin chlorinated polyethylene (CPE),water-proof, and dust-proof.The shoe cover with non-woven fabric technology, anti-skid&wear resistance,not easy to be damaged.
  • One size fits most.The elastic band of the shoe covers is flexible. It is easy to slip over your shoes and fit for all shoe sizes.
  • It is commenly used for Medical, Museum, Workplace, Indoor Carpet Floor, Cars And Garden, etc.

Keep your carpets or floors clean and protect them against dirt, grime, and certain dry particulates that upset you.Save time and money from preventable cleaning expenses indoor&outdoor. 


  • Material: Non-woven
  • Quantity: Pack of 100
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 300g
  • Package includes: 100 pcs disposable anti-slip shoe covers

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Tasneem Sulaiman .

Booties work great! Got tons of them too. We use them in the house— usually if I forget something and have shoes on already I don’t have to take off my shoes to step on carpet. Also good for guest that need to walk on carpet when they come to house and don’t want to remove their shoes.


mona ayoub

They are water resistant, sturdy and durable. I purchased because I am a self employed housekeeper and an independent contractor for a grocery delivery service. There a few homes where I don't feel comfortable enough to pull my shoes off before entering. With the shoe coverings this is no longer an issue.
Homeowners have commented on my level of professionalism since I began using the shoe covering.
I highly recommend them, they are performing as needed.


Professor wanna-be

The plastic versions are much better than the cloth ones in that they keep water and mud from penetrating through them. I find that the heavy, thick plastic ones like this hold up better as well (as long as you don't where them outside - which goes for all of them). This size is large enough too to fit over my boots with ease.


Skeets 007

I where a size 13 red wing. Most other shoes are size 14-15. These fit perfect with some room to spare!!!!! No more falling all over the place squeezing this big ass boot into a thimble!!!!!!


Galen Brown

Much needed product that will be used, thanks so much!



Great quality, workers appreciated not having to take their shoes off in the house. No issue with size


Philip B.

Very durable and works well!



These were exactly what I was looking for! My husband wears heavy boots as his work shoes and he almost always needs to come back into the house to get something he forgot. These booties fit perfectly fine over his large boots so he's happy he doesn't have to take his boots off and I'm happy I can keep my floors clean.


Heather Huggins

Excellent purchase. Our preschool requires booties in my daughters class (infants). The ones provided did not fit my husband and he often ripped them trying to get them on. He wears a size 12/13 and these fit great with room to spare.


Beth DeHart

Works great for keeping carpets clean


Deanna Wilder

These have saved the carpet in my car!



Easily reusable over and over and stops water. Used one pair 25 times in and out doing property maintenance. Love the larger size that fits my size 12 winter boots.


benjamin piernik




Durable and fit over every size and shape of men's shoe/boot. Have received multiple comments from workers saying they're the best boot covers they have used -- they stay put and aren't slippery. Will be repurchasing!


Carol J Strow

I purchased these to provide for guests entering my home rather than asking them to remove shoes. They are a much kinder solution, especially for guys who may have been walking on greasy garage floors and other dirty surfaces, than having to unlace boots only to have to remove and then put them back on! These truly suit my purpose!



Fit my size 11 boots with room to spare. Have used one pair several times briefly on dirt and brick walk, seem to be holding up well.Slick bottom keeps dirt from sticking to the covers.


Mariah Rivet

Bought these for sprinkler service technicians to use when coming into homes. Helps to protect indoor floors from mud and germs. Great fit, works well for men's boot sizes 11-13.


Dana Dawn

Building a house, nearing the end. Nice being plastic, keeps wet off my new floors with snow on bottoms of shoes. They work fine in the house but if you walk on concrete, stones, basically any hard textured surfaces expect the obvious.... you'll get holes.


C. Phelps

Great shoe covers to have on hand for service personnel who come to my home. Fits shoe size 11-13.



Nice opening so the shoe fits right in.

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